Spray-On Fireproofing System

Vermiculite Fireproofing or Cementitious Fireproofing

We offers a comprehensive spray on Fireproofing work from design to installation and certification. In some cases, we name it vermiculite fireproofing or cementitious fireproofing where they is commonly use in the industrial practice.

Our products meet or exceed all performance standards, and be able to provide fire ratings up to 4 hours.

Spray on fire-proofing
The purpose of fireproofing system for the building is to protect the structure of the building to withstand the temperatures up to certain degree from affect the structure integrity. Especially for the steel structure building, during exposure of fire, the steel can be bend and buckle under the load of building and high possible of collapse.
The spray on fireproofing system is in vermiculite, cementitious  type spray to the surface of the steel structure to protect the structure. Mesh will be applied to achieve longer hour protection from heat damage accordingly to the design intent.
This spray on method is convenient to carry out and fast in speed. After the steel structure completed the installation and the steel surface is free of dirt or stain, the cement can be directly spray and adhere to the steel surface with curing.
We welcome all the new installation, add on or repair of existing fireproofing.
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Spray-On Fireproofing System